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3 steps for Cap Table management

01 Learn from manuals and examples

Funding and investment base of the contract, funds published in the procurement manual that carefully explains the process to run from the preparation of funding. Also learn the practices of the start-up systematically beginners.
In addition, because the real capital policy of start-up that was IPO recently, such as Bizasuku and money forward has been posted, you can also make them as a reference.
Funding manual screen

02 No more complex formulas!

Smartround automatically calculates market capitalization, stock prices, and J-KISS conversions. If you add a new event in the middle of your cap table, all following events will be automatically recalculated.
Capital policy input screen

03 Manage everything on cloud

Copy, edit, and try different scenarios. You are also able to share your cap table with team members/advisors to easily ask for comments and advice via smartround.
  • Edit
  • Recalculate
  • Unlimited pro forma
  • Auto complete
Capital policy table screen

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