Data driven management is easier said than done...

Misunderstanding among executives led by not being on the same page.

Grasping the overview from multiple services/storage takes much time.

Creating documents for monthly reports to investors requires huge effort.

3 steps to organize and share management data

01 Input management information (API integration with other services available)

Manage your management data in simple table format. If you are using Freee (accounting SaaS), data could be automatically integrated and applied to your dashboard. Always work with accurate numbers with minimum effort. More SaaS integrations will be available in the future.
Management information input screen

02 Management dashboard specialized for startups

Keep all important numbers such as P&L, BS, CF and KPIs in one dashboard. Graphs will be automatically generated based on your data. Share with team members and stakeholders in a few clicks.
Management information dashboard over board screen

03 Create and send monthly reports

Pull out your monthly report template and edit to instantly create monthly report. Share the monthly report with your stakeholders and chat on smartround. No more email/message overloads!
Monthly reports document sharing screen

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