• A tool specialized for safely managing stock options

  • Consolidate stocks and stock options for auto-calculation

  • Visualizing incentives to motivate employees

  • Simplifying the SO exercise process

01 All-in-one package for safely managing Stock Options

Manage all information about your SO with this tool. Never stress again with managing spreadsheets! SO Management smartround will safely and accurately log your SO details. This data could be viewed on the dashboard or also be exported as a register of stock acquisition rights.

In addition, since it also supports point management for trust type stock options, it is possible to centrally manage them together with regular stock options.

Stock option bulk allotment screen

02 Save time with auto-syncs! Data is linked to security data and Captable smartround

Data entered here is synced real-time to various services on smartround. For example, when there is a stock merger/split after issuing SOs, smartround will automatically recalculate information for SO exercises, helping you from making complicated calculations and human errors.
Security data (from cap table) interlock screen

03 Employees will be able to check their SO details anytime from their personal accounts.

You can issue individual accounts to employees with this feature. Using the accounts, employees are able to check their SO details anytime. Also they are able to see the estimated returns upon IPO in corporation with Capital smartround.

Stock options incentives were difficult to show to employees. Simply visualizing the incentives with SO Management smartround will lead to higher team motivation and prevent job leaves.

SO management list screen

04 Digitize SO exercise process which currently needs paper work (Coming soon)

Manage acquisition info and exercise situations altogether.

You will also be able to stop using paper for SO exercise applications and complete everything on this platform. Use the application form generator or workflow function to decrease back-office workloads.

Exercise application modal screen